Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Denim Icons-Terri Clark

Although country music has never been my favorite genre of music, there are a few country artists that have meant a lot to me throughout the years. One of those musicians is Terri Clark. Her musical style is purely and unapologetically country. It is refreshing to listen to country music that actually sounds like country music. I recently had the opportunity to see her in concert and it was certainly a powerful experience. Ms Clark showcased her powerful, sincere voice, weaving it through her prolific guitar playing, creating a night to remember for this first-time country concert goer.

Country music is well-known for its fashion staples of cowboy hats, boots, and blue jeans. Terri Clark has fully embraced these staples and made them part of her essence. Throughout the years as fashion trends and styles have come and gone, Terri Clark has remained loyal to Wrangler jeans, wearing them proudly and consistently, as she had powered her way into the upper echelons of country.

Terri Clark has a great fashion sense, but much more importantly, she has an immense talent for moving people through her music. She managed to add a little bit of country soul to this hardened rock & roll fan. Long live Terri Clark!

Please take a moment to check out some of her music.

Terri Clark-Better Things To Do


  1. Indeed she is! I like how she has remained loyal to one brand throughout the years.