Friday, July 1, 2016

Black Jeans

Before I developed an obsession with denim I rarely wore jeans. The few times here and there that I would throw on a pair they, would inevitably be black. I can't quite explain why I had such an aversion to blue denim, but I avoided it like the plague. I thought blue jeans looked great on others, but ultimately felt they would somehow cramp my style or prove to be some dark curse, leading my soul to hellfire and damnation. Lately I've been thinking I have overcompensated. Every pair of jeans I own are a medium or dark wash blue. The last pair of black jeans I had I foolishly gave away to a thrift store, their whereabouts completely unknown. Some days I still pine for my old black Levi's, outdated as they were. I have now made up my mind that it is high time to invest in a new pair of black jeans. If anything they will give me an occasional shot of nostalgia, taking me back to better days.

Here are a couple of links to some I have been checking out. If anyone stumbling across this has any thoughts or some suggestions of other brands to check out, I'm all ears. 

Going with a classic with the Levi's 501s

Black denim is an underappreciated look in my humble opinion. Plenty of people rock the look and do it quite well. 


  1. I would go with the Levi's! I'm not a huge fan of the other washes there, as black can be hard to get right. Have you thought about Nudie?

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  2. Cool! I'm definitely biased haha but I do like the Levi's best as well! Thank you for the suggestion, I didn't think about Nudie so I will definitely check them out!