Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Here Goes Nothing

     Roughly two years ago as I was killing some time on the internet I came across an article that essentially pronounced the death of jeans. Athleisure was the new up and coming movement in fashion that was going to kill off the denim industry. As ridiculous as it sounds, reading that the floral print legging clad Grim Reaper was coming for denim depressed me more than it should have. Moping around worrying that blue jeans would go the way of Members Only jackets and Blockbuster Video, I felt determined to do something, anything, to help keep the denim flag flying.
     Fortunately I have mostly recovered from my blue jean blues, and I have realized that as an anonymous small town guy from Idaho there really isn't much I can do to stop the powerful invasion of the rising athleisure giant. I can only hope and pray this movement suffers the same fate of the long defunct Spandex craze of the 80s. In the meantime, I've decided to start this blog as a small, humble effort to tip my hat to blue jeans. As long as I can remember I have loved denim and it's unique, rich history. Jeans have been and will hopefully continue to be a vital part of Americana. They have also been a vital part of fashion culture worldwide, which is very encouraging to see. Denim isn't dead yet, and I am hopeful that it will live on well into the future.
     That brings me to this point. I am kicking off this blog, not knowing exactly what it will become or how it will be shaped. It is dedicated to denim, and that is my jumping off point. Will this blog develop into a viable tool for promoting and celebrating denim, or will it suffer a horrific fate at the hands of the jogger pants monster I'm certain is hiding under my bed? I guess I will find out, and I hope any kind soul reading this will join me. Here goes nothing!


  1. Very cool post, Thomas. Written well too! I didn't know you were a writer as well! Don't worry though, as someone who works in the denim industry, I can happily tell you denim isn't going anywhere. Athleisure just gets incorporated into the denim wearing and most of them mix vintage Levi's with it. It will never be replaced. I think it's much too popular, fashionable and too much of a staple to happen. The worst could be what happened in the 90's with all the tracksuits, but it will always explode in popularity again if it ever did lose its way. But have no fear, I don't see it going anywhere! Did you get my email by the way? Lorna.

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. Hi Lorna! Thank you so much, you are very kind! It is very comforting to hear from someone in the denim industry that jeans aren't going away. Denim has had such a long history both in the US and internationally it would be shame to see it die out. I loved the reply! I just checked my email and sent you a reply. Thank you so much!